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Proje Odası -The Project Room- is the zone where Evren Kıvançer and Meltem Aybar, who made their dreams from handmade to art, craft, and original production, meet, produce, and become a companion.


The greatest desire of these two makers is to mediate in interdisciplinary interactions, to share what they produce with the exhibitions they have curated and set up.


They combine their aesthetic and creative synergy for the work in their zone with the belief in a sustainable, fair, and better world for all of us, and while creating they stay as close to nature as possible.


Working both individually and collaboratively, the partners create a wide variety of handcrafted pieces, from miniature notebooks to necklaces, prints to daily use objects.


Since June 2014, they continue to produce with pleasure in their workshop in Kadıköy, İstanbul.


Past Exhibitions:

-           ‘İmal’ - ‘Fabrication’, 2018

-           ‘Hayal-et Khalkedon’ - ‘Imagine Khalkedon’, 2019

proje odası life

The cyanotype is an alternative photographic printing process which is an early form of photography and was invented in 1842.  Its used by English botanical artist, Anna Atkins for recording botanical specimens for a scientific reference book.

Cyanotype known as Blueprint is a handcrafted printing technique without a device, without technical intermediaries. Apart from being a manual technique, there are other features that make the technique so interesting. One of them is that the print is monoprint, that is, unique, original and different, and the other is that the print colors are only blue and its shades. It is possible to find more than 50 blues, which is special for the blue tones that occur with Cyanotype.  Each work of Proje Odası takes a monoprint number.

blue print - cyanotype


prints on paper