This minimalist, colorful brooch is a contemporary interpretation of Chintamani motives. Chintamani motives are originally coming from the East and are part of Buddhist and Hindu traditions. By the time they entered the Ottoman period decorations and took the name Çintemani (Chinese speckle). The elements of Chintamani were believed to protect the wearer. They imbue him with physical and spiritual fortitude. It is a unique brooch design with a variety of colored cool knots on the textured bronze sheet. Ideal wearing every day and combine with any style of clothing, casual wear, denim wear, a modern or classic style. A lovely gift for art historians, the people interested in traditions and symbols. It has a butterfly clutch with spring fastener wings that allow you to install and remove it easily, handy and convenient for use and lock pin firmly and keep it secure.

'chintamani' bronze knotted handmade pin

SKU: İ-91
  • 2x3 cm/0.78x1.18 inches, bronze, nylon cord thread braided blue, pink, purple string, matt finish