All cyanotypes are unique and monoprint, traces of the moment, day and life. The color of the cyanotype print in the pictures we take may be slightly different from the originals. On the cyanotypes that we print you can see various blue discolorations, irregularities and spots, due to manual production which makes them genuine. ‘capturing life: traces of memories’ collection is a lovely gift for the people interested in urban memory and cultural heritage. This work has been exhibited in our 'hayal-et Khalkedon' 'dreaming Khalkedon' exhibition between the dates 19 January 21 April 2019 at Proje Odası, Project Room, in Kadıköy/İstanbul.

'capturing life: traces of memories' cyanotype monoprint on paper

SKU: A 7
  • 13X18 cm/5.1x7 inches, artisan ivory textured 350g paper, monoprint no: A7/624