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I set out 10 years ago with the Melimelo notebooks that I created in order to cover your day with joy.


After leaving a corporate company, I prepared my first handmade notebook for my sister as a birthday present. And that's how the story started.


What makes sense to me; we have always had a desire to write, draw, store and transfer. Mankind has drawn on the walls of the cave and wrote to papyrus to tell what has happened to him as long as he can remember. There was always a desire to “pass on information” to future generations. Me too; I think it is magical that the Melimelo notebooks, which I have completely produced by hand, host memories that a mother can leave to her child, secrets in grandmother's recipes, adventures of a traveler.


Sometimes I prepare personal notebooks with the feelings that touch my soul and heart, and sometimes I develop projects for museums, exhibitions and institutions.


While designing handmade notebooks for those who cannot give up pen and paper in this century where we live with technology, I also share my material knowledge and the sewing techniques in Melimelo handmade notebook workshops.


I will continue to produce for every "moment" that people want to write, keep and remember by saying "notebook love is completely different"


For each Melimelo notebook I designe, I make it my promise to donate saplings, back to nature to restore the precious paper that I use.


I continue to work and create with my dear friend Evren Kıvançer - İşlik, in our new atelier at Nevzemin Str. Kadıköy, İstanbul, Turkey.

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