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İşlik embraces life by saying; “To make, brings happiness”


‘İşlik’ is my atelier that combines craft and art that reflects the relations of both the traditional and modern world. These interdisciplinary interactions form my creative process.


My inspiration generally comes from nature, daily life, and the moments of life. I use different materials ranging from silver to bronze, yarn to fabric due to my inspirations.


The colorful fabrics and yarn rolls at the maternal workshop where I fall into the midday naps, reflect themselves as a multi-colored stitching tangle of my jewelry designs in my adult ages.


Hand stitches blending different metals such as sterling silver, bronze, brass, copper, which become my design signature. I choose to tell a story through these pieces that I interlace.


In this process, color is also important to me. I work with different mediums to create a wide range of colors like; crushed glass chips, kiln enameling, hand dying, cyanotypes, printing with earth colors, nylon cord thread braided string, embroidery thread…


I glorify my design with colors, hammering, giving texture, and oxidizing by organic look, matt-semi matt-glossy finishing to add a unique look.


My collections complement any style from casual and every day to chic and timeless.

I am always inspired by learning, experiencing new skills to enrich my knowledge. I use various techniques, materials to create the designs that I imagine.


I continue to work and create with my dear friend Meltem Aybar, Melimelo Handmade Notebooks, in our new atelier at Nevzemin Str. in Kadıköy, İstanbul, Turkey.

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